Studio Class Types

Studio Class Types

“Less is more!” Take a mindful approach in learning Pilates and movement with us to provide some much-needed refreshment to your mind, body and spirit at our relaxing Sheung Wan studio. You will learn to focus, feel, and observe as you explore each exercise and discover the internal connection of each movement.

Our goal is to bring you the benefits of Pilates, mindfulness, relaxation, mobility and beyond. Take a look at the description below and join a class suits you the most!

(Small class size at 6 students maximum for classes at our Sheung Wan Studio)

Awareness – (Group) 15 minutes 
Relax, recharge, and nourish your mind in this movement meditation class for better mental health. With emphasis on breath work and developing body awareness, get yourself more tuned-in with your internal rhythm and gear towards a more balanced body and mind. Expect to supercharge your awareness for the day and reset your focus for higher productivity.
Challenge: 1/5
Chill: 5/5

Pilates Foundation – (Group) 50 minutes, Lunch Express 40 minutes
Establish a strong foundation to be present and mindful while achieving better alignment, mobility and strength. Using Pilates as a vehicle for mindfulness training, this mixed-level class combines Pilates, breath work, observation, and meditation to enhance participants’ internal awareness and movement potential. Expect to walk away with a sense of connectivity and deep relaxation. Learn to extend this feeling to other parts of your life.
Challenge: 2/5
Chill: 3/5

Core & Endurance Pilates – (Group) 50 minutes, Lunch Express 40 minutes
Focus on building strength, stability, mobility and stamina. This faster-paced dynamic Pilates class will move you through a progressive series of mat Pilates exercises. Small equipment will be added to challenge your core and enhance your endurance. Join us to establish a stronger and steadier foundation for further practice, which will elevate your overall sports performance. Expect to sweat, have fun, and feel invigorated.
Challenge: 4/5 to 5/5
Chill: 1/5
Note: This class is not recommended for beginners, students with back pain or pre and post-natal students. 

Flow Pilates – (Group) 50 minutes, Lunch Express 40 minutes
Find your fluid rhythmic movement with synchronised breath and fun. This class is designed to get you apply the 6 Pilates principles while moving, i.e. breath, concentration, control, precision, centre and flow. You will be asked to pay attention to the transitions between exercises and their interaction with the breath. Meanwhile, alignment and recruitment strategies will be covered to support your Pilates technique development. Expect to developed focus, feel energised, connected, and clear.
Challenge: 3/5
Chill: 2/5
Note: This class is not recommended for complete beginners, students with back pain or pre and post-natal students.

Pre-natal Pilates – (Group) 50 minutes 
Supporting women to stay on top of all the changes throughout pregnancy from 16 weeks onwards. Our carefully-planned pre-natal program will get participants to relax, feel balanced, while developing the right level of strength and control for the ever-changing ante-natal body. Our mindful movement approach also promotes good hormone production and cell growth, which optimises physical and emotional health for both the foetus and mum.
Our pre-natal classes are safe, gentle, personalized and well-designed for pre-natal women to stay healthy and active. If you would like to join this class, please obtain approval from your mid-wife or physician before starting.
Challenge: 2/5 to 3/5
Chill: 3/5

Post-natal Pilates – (Group) 50 minutes
A specially designed Pilates class that brings you the benefits of mindful movement to restore a postpartum body. Starting from breathing and pelvic floor work to regain sensitivity, then off to releasing tension, and re-educating the body with good movement habits, engagement and posture. Expect to feel rejuvenated, energised, and more balanced.
Our post-natal classes are gentle, personalized and well-designed for post-partum women to begin their rehabilitation process as soon as they feel ready to move their body. If you would like to participate, please obtain approval from your mid-wife or physician before signing-up.
Challenge: 2/5 to 3/5
Chill: 3/5

Restoration – (Semi-Private) 50 minutes, Maximum 3 in class
Rock, roll, and unwind! This class is designed to help you release, restore and reconnect the body through contemporary Pilates exercises and myofascial release movements. Learn to find out the root of your movement limitations; work on releasing it before reorganizing the body; and eventually establish a set of improved movement habits for better posture. Appropriate for all levels, especially those who are new to Pilates & want to regain energy and poise.
Challenge: 1-2/5
Chill: 4/5
Credits required: 2 credits

Precision – (Semi-Private) 50 minutes, Maximum 3 in class
Craving for more in-depth analysis of your movement techniques? Join this trio class to dive into the biomechanics and technicalities of each Pilates exercise. Get more personalized guidance to eliminate poor movement habits and enhance both range of motion and movement precision. Expect to feel more balanced, connected, aligned and mindful after this class. Appropriate for all levels, especially those who are new to Pilates or with back problems.
Challenge: 3/5
Credits required: 2 credits

Private Class – (Solo/Duet/Trio) 50 minutes
Be it solo, duet or trio, our private classes offer a fast track toward achieving your fitness goals as you are ensured to receive undivided attention for more corrections and guidance from the instructor during each class. Our instructor will closely monitor your progress, follow up with regular assessment and provide you with exercises that can be practiced at home.
Challenge: Set by your goals
Chill: Set by your needs
Credits required per head: solo - 4 credits, duet - 3 credits, trio - 2 credits

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Studio Class Types

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