Upcoming Program

Upcoming Program

Level 3 Body Control Pilates Matwork Teacher Certification Course 2020

The 12 tuition days for the Teacher Training course will be delivered by senior Body Control Pilates course tutors from the UK. They will run as follows:
Block 1: Friday February 7th – Sunday 9th
Block 2: Friday February 28th – Sunday February 30th
Block 3: Friday March 13th – Sunday March 15th
Block 4: Friday March 27th – Sunday March 29th
Tuition Days run from 9:30am – 5pm (including breaks)

The 12 tuition days will cover the following modules:

·     Introductory Module, including joints and planes of movement
·     Pelvis and Spine
·     Breathing and Relaxation
·     Stability (Centring)
·     Shoulder Girdle
·     Hip and Knee
·     Ankles, Feet, Wrists, Hands
·     Anatomy Review Day
·     Classical Pilates
·     Precision of Movement
·     Client Enrolment and Assessment
·     Lesson Plans and Teaching Skills
·     Last Day Module, completing the course, teaching a class
This course is seen as the most comprehensive matwork course available. After attending the 12 tuition days, you must then undertake a period of ‘supervised teaching’ to develop your teaching skills to a level where you can teach a class independently. To pass all the requirements and obtain your certificate, you'll also need to schedule time to work towards your written examinations; complete your self-study work on Pilates theory and on related topics.

Contact us for more information and the latest availability on the course anytime.

Upcoming Program

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