The Pilates Bible (1 minute intro)

The Pilates Bible (1 minute intro)

If there's only one book in the world that I can choose to recommend to my students and other budding Pilates teachers in Hong Kong and worldwide, “The Pilates Bible” would be the one. It is an indispensable all-in-one practical guide that would benefit anyone who is practicing, learning or interested in knowing more about Pilates comprehensively.

Written by three experts, Lynne Robinson (cofounder of Body Control Pilates), Lisa Bradshaw and Nathan Gardner, this book highlights the fundamental elements of Pilates learning and further practice. It began by a brief introduction on Joseph Pilates and his exercise methods, followed by a chapter of detailed description on the fundamental of Pilates, i.e. alignment, breathing, centring and mobility.

Further in the next few chapters, you will walk through three levels of Pilates exercises, from beginners to intermediate and then advanced level. Each Pilates exercise is written with clear objectives, excellent step-by-step photographs guide, and notes on watch points for you to follow while doing your self-practice or use it as reference. It then gives you a range of Pilates workout choices for sessions lasting 20 to 30 minutes, 40 to 50 minutes, and 60-70 minutes.

Besides the above three-level programs, it also touched on exercises related to the use of Pilates equipment and discussed how Pilates exercises could help with a range of common health conditions, such as poor joint function, and mental health issues.

The ending chapter of the Pilates Bible talks about the application of Pilates exercise and its concept in daily live, both at work and play.

How would you apply Pilates in your sedentary life sitting at work for long hours?

Is it applicable in the gym and other sports activities? If so, how?

Your questions will be answered.

For those who are interested in Joseph Pilates’ original Full Mat Program, this book also has a section for your reference.

Click to check it out The Pilates Bible.



-        Karen Leung, Head of Pilates at Mindful Pilates, Hong Kong


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