FAQ - Online Classes

FAQ - Online Classes

What is an online Pilates class?

All online Pilates classes are livestreamed virtually via Zoom. We keep the class size very small to observe every students’ movements. Personalized corrections and tips are provided to every student. There’s time for Q&A at the end to maximize your learning outcome as well.

How does a Mindful Pilates’ online class differ from YouTube, IG or Facebook streaming or many other general livestream classes?

Our Livestream classes are not pre-recorded, meaning, it is interactive like our typical studio classes but in your own home. With our small class size, every student is taken care of and provided with personalized feedback or corrections throughout the class. You’ll learn how to give yourself tactile feedback in replacement of the instructor’s tactile cue.
Many students find themselves moving more mindfully with better focus, attention to details, and sensitivity to each move. These are vital habits for becoming better at mindful movement.  View our testimonials.
A tip from Karen our founder: You could create a studio-like environment at home by playing spa background music, and lighting up candles, incense or essential oils.

I’m a beginner, are online classes suitable for me?

Online classes are indeed suitable for beginners. Read the class description and see which class you’d like to try. We’d suggest you to start with Pilates Foundation, Precision, or set up an online Private session. With our attention to detail and sincere guidance, anyone can learn anytime and anywhere.
We are always here to support your learning. If you are still unsure, feel free to chat with our team at info@mindfulpilates.com.hk

I have back pain, are online classes suitable for me?

Generally speaking our Pilates classes are suitable for everyone and we will adjust the content according to individual needs. However, please discuss with our team prior signing up any of the classes. So you’ll be provided with extra tips and be prepared before attending your first class.
Email to chat with us at info@mindfulpilates.com.hk now. We are here to support your Pilates learning anytime.

Where can I find the online class schedule?

Have a look at our online class descriptions and view the latest availability at ”Book my class” page

How much does an online class cost?

Most of our classes offered are paid classes. View Online Class Descriptions. When you purchase our packages, you’ll be given a set amount of credits, and each online class will require a set number of credits to attend. The details can be found in the aforementioned class description.
Please follow the instructions in the above questions to sign up and book all free and paid classes.
For Instagram Live, just follow us, tune in and share your mindful experience with your friends by tagging us @mindfulpilateshongkong on IG or Facebook

Can I just purchase one class to try?

Yes. Go to Our Pricing page to familiarise yourself with the various packages that we offer.
Please note that everyone is only allowed to purchase the trial class package once. If you would like to continue learning, then purchase either the “pay as you go” option or choose the hassle free “monthly subscription”.
Have more questions regarding package purchase? Email info@mindfulpilates.com.hk.

Can I purchase without a credit card?

A credit card is required to buy from our website “Our Pricing” page. If you prefer other forms of payment, email info@mindfulpilates.com.hk and our staff will provide you alternative payment methods.

If I’m already a member, how can I sign up?

Go to “Classes” > “Book My Class” > click 'Book' and follow the step-by-step instruction to book a class.

I’m not a member, how can I sign up? (For non-member)

Everyone needs a package before attending all our paid classes. Therefore, you’ll first need to visit “Our Pricing[KL13] ” page > Then select a package and follow the step by step guide to purchase a package*.
Once you have a valid package, go to “Classes” > “Book My Class” > click 'Book' and follow the step-by-step instruction to book a class.
If you wish to enroll in the free 15 minutes session, follow the step by step guide to create an account and register accordingly.
*Before you make any purchase, be sure to read the terms and conditions written at the check-out page.

Can I arrange online private lessons?

Yes. Online Private lessons are available by appointment. If you want to know more about it, kindly email info@mindfulpilates.com.hk.


Do I have to book the online classes ahead of time?

Zoom: Yes. Please check our schedule here  and click 'Book' to select your class. This will open up a pop up window for you to use your MINDBODY account. If you don't have an active package for online classes, please see below.
Instagram: No. Just follow & check our schedule @MindfulPilatesHongKong and @PilateswithKaren , and show up at the correct Instagram account for either Move with Me or Mindful TV at the scheduled time and enjoy!

How do I receive the online class link?

The online class link and password will be sent via the auto email system as “Class Booking Confirmation” or after you book the class. Please check your account set up if you didn’t receive the email and cross check your junk mail folder. If possible, please also provide us with a phone number so we can contact you in case there's any last minute information you'll need to know.
Should you not able to receive the class link, please email us at info@mindfulpilates.com.hk.
If you need any immediate assistance prior the class start time, please contact us at 6620 7050.

What are the online class booking or cancellation rules?

Our online classes share the same booking rules as our studio classes. The 24 hours cancellation policy applies to all classes including online classes.
Therefore, if you wish to cancel or reschedule your group class booking, please do so via the online booking system at least 24 hours ahead of class start time.
If you wish to cancel or reschedule a private class booking, contact us at info@mindfulpilates.com.hk at least 24 hours before class begins.
All late cancellation cannot be rescheduled or refunded.

When should I log-in for the class?

To avoid disruption of the class, please prepare yourself ahead of time and arrive at the virtual waiting room at least 5 minutes before the class starts.
Should you require any immediate assistance, contact 6620 7050.

What will happen if I’m late?

To avoid disruption of the class, we do not allow students to enter the zoom classroom once a session has begun. Therefore, please test your viewing device and be sure to log-in early. It’s better to wait in the virtual waiting room than missing a class altogether!
Should you require any immediate assistance, contact 6620 7050.
Click here to find out more on online class set-up and preparation

For enquiries or to purchase a package, contact us at info@mindfulpilates.com.hk

To purchase a package, please visit Our Pricing page.
Click here to check out our latest schedule and reserve a class that you like.
Still need help? Get in touch with us


FAQ - Online Classes

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