FAQ - Bookings and Cancellations

FAQ - Bookings and Cancellations

Do I need to register and create an account for managing classes?

Yes and your account would have been created during the online purchasing process. If you purchase directly at our studio, an account would have been created for you by our staff.

I purchased my package at the studio, what is my account log-in password?

Please check your email including the junk mail box for the password information. It may take up to two working days to set up a new account sometimes, if you have recently signed up and haven’t receive your password information, we’re here to help you book your first class. Please contact our team at 66207050 or info@mindfulpilates.com.hk

What to do if I forgot the password of my account?

Please click the “Need new password?” button beneath the “Sign In” button when you try to login and use the same email address to recover or change your password.

How do I book a group class via Mindful Pilates’ website?

Visit our “Book My Class” page, which you will see a calendar view, select a date and scroll down, then you’ll see a list of all the latest classes. The class description and booking credits required can be found under the name of each class.
Once you find a class you'd like to join, click the BOOK button next to it and follow the prompts of the pop-up window to secure your spot!
You will be prompted to purchase a package if you do not have enough class credits for the classes you want to book. To purchase the package, please follow through the prompts of the the screen, until you select your preferred package and complete the transaction.
Alternatively, you could visit Our Pricing page to view the package information, make your purchase through that page then book your class following the steps above.

How do I book a group class via the MINDBODY Consumer App on my phone?

Make sure that you have the MIDNBODY Consumer app installed on your device. Tap here to open the app. Then follow the prompts to create a MINDBODY account and take the following steps:
1)     Search Mindful Pilates and select the first result to reach our page. You will be prompted to sign a liability waiver. This is necessary to use your MINDBODY account to book any of our classes.
2)     Once steps 1-4 are done, you are free to check our schedule and book yourself into available classes.
For more, visit our “Booking Instruction page” [KL1] for a step-by-step on managing classes using the app

How do I book a private class?

Contact out Team at 66207050 or email info@mindfulpilates.com.hk to check our latest availability.

What is the booking cut-off time for all the classes?

You can book all group classes online up to two hours before the class start time. If you have missed the booking cut-off time and wish to attend a class, please call our team at 66207050 to check the latest availability.
Be reminded that our class capacity is limited and for the ease of class scheduling, please reserve your spot in advanced as walk-in may not be accepted.

What to do if I am unable to book a class online?

To successfully book, reschedule or cancel your classes online, you have to ensure that a class or a package is already purchased and such package is still valid prior making any booking. Visit “Booking Instruction page” for a step-by-step guide on how to book a class. 

If you have an account with an active package and you are encountering an error in booking a class, please send us a screenshot of the error and email  info@mindfulpilates.com.hk or WhatsApp +852 66207050.

How do I cancel a class?

For group classes, there are a couple ways you can cancel a class:
1)     Go to the “Book My Class” page, log-in to your account, then click the “schedule” tab, where you'll find all of your reservations. Click “cancel” to your class.
2)     Use the Mindbody App , see “Booking Instruction page” for a step-by-step on managing classes using the app
For private classes, workshops, or other appointments please notify us via WhatsApp 66207050 or email info@mindfulpilates.com.hk. Our staff will get back to you within the next working day to re-confirm.

What are the cancellation policies?

Unless specified, we have a 24 hours cancellation policy for all types of bookings or appointments. You can cancel, reschedule or rebook a class up to 24 hours before class scheduled start time. We call this “Early Cancellation”.

What is a late-cancellation and what will happen to my class credits?

It is a late-cancellation If you cancel or reschedule a class with less than 24 hours before the class scheduled start time.
We have a strict cancellation policy. For all late-cancellations, the class credits associated to the bookings will not be available for rebook. For no-shows, the associated class credits spent are deemed used and will not be available for rebook.
These policies apply to all members and are done in fairness to everyone who wish to join our classes. We appreciate your understanding and students on the waiting list would be very thankful to you too.

Are there classes on Public Holidays, Black Rain Storm, and Typhoon Signal 8 and above?

All classes, in the above cases, will automatically be cancelled and you can keep your class credits associated with the cancellation for future rebooking. Please note that this does not affect the expiry date of your package. While your package is still valid, please feel free to book a make-up class at your leisure within our booking system (see below!).

How do I access my account?

We recommend our members to manage their account via our website’s “Book My Class” page. On that page, you should see a “My Account” button at the top right hand corner of the calendar. Click that button, and use your login info to access your account*.
*You may have to disable your ad block/pop-up blockers for this function.

How do I check my remaining available credits?

After you login to “My Account” via the “Book My Class” page, click the Passes tab. You'll find your current active packages and the associated remaining credits.

How do I check my package expiry date?

After you login to “My Account” via the “Book My Class” page, click the Passes tab, where you'll find the expiry date beneath the name of your active packages.

How do I check my attendance record?

After you login to “My Account” via the “Book My Class” page, click the History tab, where you'll find your previous attendances.

How do I change my personal info?

After you login to “My Account” via the “Book My Class” page, click the Account Info tab. Here you can edit your personal contact information. Make sure to click the Save button at the bottom of the widget to save your changes.
FAQ - Bookings and Cancellations

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