FAQ - Studio Etiquette

FAQ - Studio Etiquette

Can I eat or drink at the studio?

To maintain the studio hygiene please do not eat any meals or drinks at our studio. We provide tea and water. A healthy snack of a fruit is okay if you have special dietary needs.

Do I need to take off my shoes?

Yes please. Before entering our studio, please take off your shoes. The Kung Fu Shoes are indoor shoes for our Mindful Wing Chun students, if you are visiting for a Pilates class, just put on your socks and that will be fine.

Do you have a changing room?

We have 3 curtained changing spaces or you could also use the bathroom. Clothing items can be hung on the hanger and passed to our reception to store away temporary.

Do you have a shower?

Yes we do and basic shampoo and shower gels are provided too. Please bring your own towel if you plan to take a shower. Before you do take a shower, please ask or wait until other members have finished using the bathroom before you enter.

Where do I put my personal belongings?

Bags are stored underneath the bench. If you have large items or luggage with you, please ask our receptionist to help you store them in the office temporarily.

Can I talk on my phone?

To cultivate mindfulness and draw your attention to your internal wellbeing, please ensure your phone is put on silent mode or airplane mode as soon as you entered our studio.  If you need to make a phone call, kindly step outside the studio if possible.

Can I bring my phone to the class area?

Your beautiful mind deserves a rest. Let’s keep the classroom area a mobile free zone and do not bring your mobile phone or beeping devices to the exercise area.

Where should I keep my phone?

Kindly leave your phone and electronic devices inside your personal belongings. If you didn’t bring a bag, you can pass your small items to our reception and retrieve them when you finish the class.
If you need to charge your devices, we have a charging station at the corner of the lounge area, please ask our reception if you can’t locate it.

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FAQ - Studio Etiquette

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