Yan Chai Nursing Home - Wellness Seminar

Yan Chai Nursing Home - Wellness Seminar

15 staff from Yan Chai Nursing Home joined us at the MP headquarter in Central for a half-day corporate wellness workshop on 11th Jan 2019. Through the 3 hours journey, they explored the concept of mindfulness, meditation, and Pilates, then learn to observe and build awareness throughout their Pilates movement. Meditating through movement, they reported feeling more relaxed, joints are more opened and feel more energised.

Besides experiencing mind-body connection and bringing both the mind and body to a balanced state, they all took home some useful exercises to combat everyday body stiffness and aliment, such as, lower back pain, neck and shoulder pain, and tight hips.

Our head of Pilates was glad to share her knowledge and experience to inspire these individuals on a new exercise regime and a body balancing approach to movements. She hope that these students will continue practicing Pilates, regularly exercise and meditate, as well as doing their daily activities mindfully, so as to be more centred, peaceful and enlivened.

Yan Chai Nursing Home - Wellness Seminar

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