Mindful Pilates Ovar Ball Workshop - 2019

Mindful Pilates Ovar Ball Workshop - 2019

Stay fit from inside out in on 9th August 2019! 

Come and join us for a 1.5 hours Pilates workshop to learn how to use the soft gym ball at home to enhance your Pilates practice.
At the end of the workshop, we will give you a soft gym ball for free, so that you can continue to practice at home.

The workshop includes:
1. Covering the essential foundation of Pilates
2. Discussing about breathing, pelvic floor recruitment, and core engagement
3. Correcting and polishing your existing Pilates movements and core recruitment.
4. Challenging your exiting core strength and stamina
5. Introducing more than 20 exercises that's based on the Ovar Ball for you to practice at home
*To help you begin practicing, we’ll give you an ovar-ball for free.

All levels and complete beginners are welcome to join, so invite your friends if they want to explore the benefits of Pilates, find out the correct way to recruit their core and bring this versatile tool home and practice further.

Limited space available, to reserve a spot:

Email info@mindfulpilates.com.hk, 

Whatsapp/Call  +852 66207050 


Mindful Pilates Ovar Ball Workshop - 2019

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