Pilates ans Yoga Apparel

Pilates ans Yoga Apparel

At some point in your Pilates and yoga journey, you have probably asked, “What should I wear?” An easy answer from me is “comfortable exercise clothing”. I don’t mean PJ style baggie T-shirt and trousers as aren’t very good for the class due to its view obstruction character. it hides the silhouette of your body which makes it very difficult for the instructor to see your actual body movement and help you perfect your alignment and posture throughout each Pilates move. Some people are just wearing the bra top and leggings, which aren’t necessary the best choice either because the sweaty back may not be very hygienic or appealing when correction needs to be pointed out through tactile feedback. I’m one of those who sweat heaps, so I often go for the tank top/ t-shirt with leggings option.
When it comes to selecting sportswear items for Pilates and Yoga classes, comfort is always my first priority, then design, material and brand. Not that I really care about what brand it is, but it is more about the reputation on the products’ quality. For me, it is important to wear something that’s durable and can sustain many rounds of washing in a week, so I can exercise, dance, teach and practice Pilates in them daily.
These days, it is great to see quite a few eco-friendly active wear brands made their presence in HK. Among all, the newest one is Hoya Kerry. With the founder Elaine’s lingerie design background, their signature product is the sports bra with various degree of bust support available. Hoya Kerry’s choice of fabric is made of recycled plastic bottles. Their product is breathable and comfortable with medium thickness and stretchiness. I like the fact that their leggings do not go baggy and stretched-out at the knees. The best of all, it is a made-in-Hong-Kong brand. So I’m all in for support.
I have to specially thank Hoya Kerry for giving me new work out cloths to try out, and I’m glad to be invited to teach a Pilates Class at their launch party back on 13th October, 2018. It was a great turn up. All the students got their postural fix and felt the core burning. For me, I met many new friends such as Teresa from Lotus Life TV, Seema from https://prana-yum.com, Magadalena from ViciPlusWater, Joyce the yoga teacher and Natalie the fitness instructor.
Youtube video of hoya kerry mindful pilates
- Karen Leung, Head of Pilates at Mindful Pilates in Central Hong Kong

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